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Pain and Archaeology

Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 @ 4:15am by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Lieutenant Manaan Triton
Edited on on Thu Mar 7th, 2024 @ 5:18pm

642 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Forlorn
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Triton got the notification to report to the Captain's Ready Room. He had provided information to Starfleet on the Location of Atlantis in his timeline. They were declassifying some of his records. The Communication came in on what the Oceanographer and Archaeologist found. He approached the Captain's door.

Carmelita was moving from her desk to the replicator to order a beverage for her meeting with her Chief Engineer. “Iced coffee, sweet, French vanilla” the computer would compile the order and make it very quickly.

Triton heard the beep.

As soon as the Captain said enter he did, "Was there a report? Did they find them?" He was technically being rude, but he was excited to find out if they found this timeline's version of his people.

“Care for something to drink, Lieutenant?” The Captain asked with a smile as she understood his excitement.

"Sweet tea." Triton looked at her. "The Atlanteans aren't there, are they?" He had given them several sets of coordinates, the location of the original castle when Atlantis sunk, the house he grew up in as a kid, and the 21st Century Castle. "My people are gone, aren't they?"

She gave Triton a glass of sweet tea.

Triton wasn't dumb, "Just Rip the bandaid off, Captain. I can take it."

“The logs are” she paused and retook her seat and sipped on her coffee “or were classified with only Starfleet Intelligence Admiralty and other high ranking Starfleet brass. It’s declassified on a Captains level and for anyone of your people.” The Captain thought it was long overdue but it wasn’t up to her to state her opinions or thoughts on orders, especially from Starfleet Intelligence.

Triton looked at the data padd, "My people didn't survive the cataclysm." He took a deep breath. He was alone. Then he saw something. "This tablet they recovered. That is Ancient Atlantean." It took him a little bit. "Give me a minute. I might be able to read this. What is this other file on here? Labeled Enterprise and Kirk? Wasn't Kirk one of the Captains of the Flagship years ago?"

“He was” Captain Chambers agreed and thought for a second “the Enterprise if memory serves me.”

"Starfleet made me go through OCS after my field promotion on the Broken Arrow." He had never gone through the Academy or worn any kind of Uniform before serving on the USS Broken Arrow. He went to sleep in the 21st Century and was kidnapped by Q and brought to this timeline and century. "We had to read about him and Picard. Their Engineers were spectacular Engineers. This says Kirk saved Atlanteans who said they were from earth."

“Yes” she said realizing he would have been privy to the information in as little as several days anyway.

Triton looked at her, "This stone tablet had to be repaired by Forensic Archaeologist. I need to write an Algorithm to translate it. I can't read it. It is like comparing Gaelic and Old German to Modern English. It will take time."

“It would make sense with your gifts” she sipped her coffee again jot sure what else to say.

"I'll write an Algorithm. My people in many senses never were, but we get to solve a mystery of your history." His heart was broken. At least he knew there was another version of him that got to go home.

“I’m sorry, Lieutenant” Carmelita said sincerely. “Maybe we can work on this project together. Of course this will be a side project but we can put together a proposal and submit it to Starfleet Command.”

Triton nodded, "It won't take me long to put my language on paper, as the adage used to be. I'm the only one who can."

“Well I’ll let you get to it mister Triton.”

Triton left. The news weighing on him.


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