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Time to put the pips back on

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2024 @ 2:37am by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Ensign Mir'il

940 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Forlorn
Tags: Everyone

Luckily there hadn’t been any damage during their last mission, but the senior staff had been debriefed and were now on leave. The USS Artemis had been docked at Starbase 171 for five days and even the Captain had been on leave for the last two days. Carmelita smiled as she passed a large view port that looked out at the planet below, it was beautiful and reminded Carmelita of Earth. She was thrilled she got to spend some alone time on the planet planet with Matt.

The planet and Starbase 171 both had some great shopping. From their farmers markets to boutique shops, Carmelita found several items she decided she didn’t want to leave behind “please have these charged to the USS Artemis and delivered to the Captains quarters.”. After shopping she and Matt met up for dinner at a very popular restaurant.

Captain Chambers smiled as she approached the same restaurant. Apparently the Commanding Officer of Starbase 171 enjoyed the restaurant and had standing reservations. “Captain Chambers” the Admiral stood and greeted the Captain with a smiled.

“Admiral” Captain Chambers smiled and took the offered seat. “Thank you, Admiral” Carmelita made quick eye contact and then looked down at the menu. Carmelita was following the Admiral’s lead “recommend anything, sir?”

“I’ve never had a bad experience here” the Admiral glanced up and back at the menu. A few moments later the waiter returned, smiled and waited for the Admiral to order. “Kintarin sirloin, medium, steamed vegetables” he ordered and they both looked over at Carmelita.

“I’ll have a seaweed salad with grilled fish and extra dressing” Carmelita had a sirloin the night she and Matt had dinner here.

“I promised my wife I’d eat more vegetables” the Admiral said with a smile on his face.

“Can’t go wrong with veggies on your plate, sir” Carmelita smiled and waited to see if the Admiral had anything to say:

“So it seems” the Admiral took a sip of his water. “How’s your ship” he paused and looked over at Carmelita “the Artemis?”

“Crew transfers are complete and the crew has enjoyed a few days here at Starbase one seventy one.” She smiled at the waiter who just delivered their

The Admiral who was cutting into his steak with a smile on his face continued “well I have your next assignment.” He was chewing his steak before he gave her more information “the Romulans have reported several major players attacking them in their weakened state.” Another bite went in and the Admiral enjoyed his bite.

Captain Chambers finished her bite and listened to the informal briefing. “Are they attacking civilian ships or Romulan Star Empire ship?” The more information she could find out the better and she needed a sip of water.

“From what we understand both military and civilian freighters have been targeted. Klingon, Ferengi and Orion ships have made hostile moves against Romulan ships.” A few forks full of the veggies “the Romulans chose to share this information in a joint security briefing, but didn’t ask for help” the Admiral paused and let out a quite sigh.

Carmelita shook her head “that’s already a tense situation.”

“To say the least” the Admiral agreed. “Starfleet Intelligence believes the Klingons may be planning an invasion of many planets in Romulan space but there is no hard evidence to support that. However there have been reports of increased Klingon and Orion activity in the neutral zone and at some of our starbase.” The Admiral took another sip from his water “we want the Artemis to set up a routine patrol our side of the neutral zone, basically a show of force” he paused and smiled “if anyone gets any ideas.”

“Well the Artemis is capable of backing it up if she has to show her force” the Captain and crew had seen a little combat over their time together. Captain Chambers was glad her people hadn’t been forced into combat situations often.

“Indeed Captain. We’d like you to depart first thing in the morning if you think your people can be ready?” The Admiral knew Captain Chambers had plenty of combat experience if she should need to call on that knowledge.

“No problem at all, sir” Captain Chambers said with a smile.

“Very good, I’ll have all the details sent over to you” the two would finish up their meals and hold polite conversation before going their separate ways.

Back on the Artemis Captain Chambers exited the turbo lift and found some of her junior officers there working “Ensign Mir’il let all hands know we will depart at oh-nine-hundred sharp.”

“Yes ma’am” the Operations Officer went to work carrying out the Captain's orders and glanced over and watched the Captain go into her ready room.

Captain Chambers wanted to go over the information she was hoping to have received by now. She sat down and looked at her PaDD, luckily she had the information from the Admirals office. “Let’s see” she accessed the information. It had mostly been attacks on civilian freighters but a Klingon Captain in a Bird of Prey got brave and attacked a Valdore class warbird and was destroyed. “Everyone’s getting brave” Carmelita was shocked to read the report that even the Ferengi had attacked and cleaned out a Romulan freighter. Although they were at peace with the Klingon Empire increased sightings in Federation space could be cause for concern. There were reports of the Orions increasing their operations and making an attempt to expand their borders.


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