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Captain Carmelita Chambers

Name Carmelita Yvonne Chambers

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Carmelita was born with a beauty mark on her left cheek and considers her dark brown hair one of her best features. Now that it’s mid-back length she wears it in various styles depending on the occasion. Her innocent brown eyes have a way of drawing you in and she’s often been told she has a ‘great smile’. Carmelita has an eye for fashion, but believes in starting the day with a fresh uniform and tries to stay in shape and duty ready.


Spouse Rear Admiral (upper half) Michael Chambers, Propulsion Specialist, Utopia Planitia (deceased)
Father Admiral Jose Mendes, Project Director, Utopia Planitia (deceased)
Mother Carmen Mendes, Florida, USA, Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Captain Carmelita Chambers considers herself just an average Starfleet Officer. She wasn’t anywhere near the top of her class at the Academy and there were plenty of her family members that held various ranks and positions throughout Starfleet. She had uncles in politics and even younger cousins doing quite well at Starfleet Academy. Her father was a skilled engineer and served Starfleet from the time he entered the Academy at sixteen until his recent death. Carmelita’s mother is a recently widowed and retired school teacher that instilled a level head in the Starfleet Captain.

Carmelita has always been very no-nonsense and not afraid to voice her opinion. She stands up for what she believes in, one of those things being the standards and beliefs of the Federation. She’s always been an officer that takes duty very seriously and respected the chain of command. Captain Chambers expects those around her to perform to the best of their ability and understands that respect must be earned..

Until recently she has always been considered warm and caring. It’s not that she has stopped caring, but after the recent loss of both her husband and father she has closed herself off from getting close to people. Carmelita makes every attempt to present herself in a professional manner and takes pride in the uniform and rank pips she wears.

There were those that were family by blood and those that were family by choice that she would always love. She just wasn’t sure she wanted to get close enough to be this hurt again. Luckily for the Captain she has her duties and responsibilities she can bury her head in, staying busy was a great distraction from her personal life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Carmelita is considered a top rated starship tactician and had plenty of experience in the center seat, making the tough decisions. She was also quite the marks-woman and taught several courses at the Academy including starship tactics, survival training and courses in several Starfleet personnel ground weapons.

The Captain barely made the grades in both engineering and sciences to graduate from Starfleet Academy, throughout the years she’s gained a little more knowledge, but isn’t an expert by any means. She’d much rather not have to deal with anything medical and considers herself a weak diplomat at times. Carmelita wasn’t sure if it was a strength or a weakness, but she had always been willing to risk herself for a superior officer or most any officer for that matter.
Ambitions Carmelita has always worked hard to earn the respect of her superiors. The Captain has learned over the years you need the respect of your subordinates just as much, when you are responsible for their lives.

Now that the love of her life is gone, the Captain plans to jump head first into her duties and take care of the people that had been assigned to the Artemis. She never considered herself one that would like the ball and chain of a desk job, but after her time teaching at Starfleet Academy that may have changed.
Hobbies & Interests Carmelita has always enjoyed sports and fitness, she was on her High School and Academy volleyball team. She is a trained ballerina and enjoys several other forms of dance. Captain Chambers can hold her own when it comes to close-quarters combat and she tries to keep her skills fresh.

Personal History Carmelita Yvonne Mendes was born in the middle of the night and just like any other Thursday night in Florida, it was warm and humid. Carmen Mendes pushed as she was instructed and squeezed her sister’s hand. It was supposed to be her husband's hand but his shuttle had been delayed and he was still hours away. Although they were using face to face communication, it was nothing like being there for your first born child's birth.

Lieutenant Jose Mendes was a propulsion specialist aboard a new class of ship they were developing experimental engines on. He knew his wife was going to be very upset with him and understandably so. When he arrived both of his ‘angels’ were peacefully sleeping. He was congratulated by his sister in law and waited patiently to hold his daughter.

It was just a few days until the Mendes family got to go home, but it felt like weeks before Carmen actually said much to Jose. Both sets of grandparents had come and saw their new grandbaby and got caught up with their children. Luckily everyone got along rather well and there was so much love in the house. While Jose was on leave he put in a request to transfer to a position where he could see his family daily. He applied for several and actually got the position he wanted at Utopia Planitia, working with some of the best starship designers around.

The first several years of baby Carmelita’s life seemed to fly by, at least for her parents. Carmen was dropping her baby off to her first day at kindergarten, lucky for her it was a good friend that was the teacher and at the same school Carmen taught at. The Mendes family were happy and things were okay at work for both parents.

It wasn’t long after Carmelita’s tenth birthday that Jose received a promotion to assistant project director and the rank of Commander; his team had managed to develop some impressive engines that would be going on some of the newest ships being built at the shipyards. Young Carmelita and her mother were doing all the normal mother daughter things. Carmelita was in ballet and taking music lessons, she was the lead in the school play and was having her first sleepover. Her father missed it all, his head was stuck in technology and his work, but Carmelita learned to adapt and carry on.

As a young woman in high school Carmelita was what she considered normal. She had plenty of friends, made decent grades, was on the dance team and just had a sweet sixteen blow out. Much to her surprise Jose showed up, which was a better gift to both Carmelita and Carmen than the party and all the presents. During his three day vacation Carmelita told her father that upon turning eighteen if she was accepted she was going to Starfleet Academy. Afterwards she wasn’t sure if she did it to make him proud or if she really wanted to.

Only three months after Carmelita’s eighteenth birthday she had applied, accepted and started her first year at Starfleet Academy. She was nervous and excited at the same time, it was going to be the first time she had been away from her mother for an extended period. She was only on the other side of the country, but it was going to be different. She wouldn’t be able to see her mom every night, she was living in the dorms at the Academy and had a meal plan. Carmelita liked her roommate, a Bolian girl by the name of Zelea.

Zelea already knew what track she was taking, she wanted to be an engineer, Carmelita had no clue what she wanted to do. She had only thought as far as the basics, she had to focus on getting the first four years of the basics out of the way. It wouldn’t be long before the two young ladies were close friends, Zelea often helped Carmelita with her homework and the two had several classes together. They would often study long into the night, working toward their goal of becoming a Starfleet Officer.

By the time the third year at Starfleet Academy came around, Carmelita had made up her mind that she wanted to work in security and tactical. She found out she was good at picking up the skills needed for that department so that's what she focused on. Zelea and Mel, as she got called, were doing the things that people did at the Academy other than work. There were parties, hook-ups, and half assed relationships.

However, at the beginning of their senior year the two ladies made a promise to each other to clean their act up and focus on finishing. They were so close and both had passing marks in all their courses; Zelea was second in her class for engineering cadets. Cadet Mendes had barely passing marks in two of her course but they were passing and that’s all that mattered.

To their surprise the two were both assigned to the USS Bradford for their cadet cruise. They were told to pack their belongings and report directly to their shuttle. The ‘story’ they were told on the hour long shuttle trip was that the last cadet’s all died when the Bradford was taken over by Romulans. Of course the Ensign shuttle pilot was just trying to scare the two young women before flirting with them. Little did he know, Commodore Mendes was Carmelita’s father and she knew this was going to be Bradford's maiden voyage. They would also be working directly with the senior officers in their respective departments on what would become a Saber class starship.

The shakedown cruise went well and both cadets looked up to their superior officers and seemed to have gained the respect of both men. Lieutenant Commander Shafer was a hands-on trainer so Zelea got plenty of hands-on experience. She was working on the next state of the art Starfleet equipment and it was thrilling. Cadet Mendes liked that she was treated just like any other cadet on the bridge, evenher father cut her no slack. Carmelita had witnessed the bridge crew's professionalism and standards and knew that’s the kind of officer she wanted to be. For their first mission the Saber class starship had been assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone and it didn’t take long for the action to start.

The girls had their daytime starship positions and still had several courses they were responsible for turning in assignments, but they got it all done. They learned valuable things from their hands on experience and the senior officers who took them under their wings.

It didn’t take young for the year to pass and it was finally graduation day. The fourth year cadet’s were joined by the crew of the Bradford, their families and friends as they were all pinned with an Ensign pip and congratulated. It was then that Jose offered the girls a spot on his crew and of course they both accepted, Zelea would finish the rest of her training with Lieutenant Commander Shafer and Mel would be a second shift security officer.

The girls did ask for one favor and that was to be roommates, which was an easy request to grant; the Saber Class had shared quarters anyway. Most of their days were boring, patrolling the neutral zone, taking sensor scans, seeing how far they might push the new engines. There were a few bumps along the way but not many, the class was pretty sturdy and the Commodore gave it his stamp of approval. During their time on the Bradford, Zelea earned the respect of her department head and Commodore Mendes and asked her to work on a new project with them.

That night Zelea was telling Carmelita the good news when the ship went to red alert. The Bradford was picking up an automated Romulan distress call from the surface of a nearby planet. The ship arrives and it’s determined the transporters won't be able to penetrate the storms in the atmosphere. Within minutes it was decided there would be an away team sent to the planet’s surface. The Chief Flight Control Officer was sure he could pilot their Type Eleven shuttle safely to the surface. The acting First Officer, who was the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Zelea were sent to assess the scene and report back. Sensors couldn’t read the surface so the team were going in blind and would have to rise above the storm for communications or transporters to work.

Just moments after the shuttle vanished from sensors a Romulan ship decloacked and fired. As the ship shook, Carmelita knew it was the first time she would have to earn her keep. Her father shouted for shields and she quickly reacted. Everything from there was a blur, but they managed to convince the Romulans they were there to help and the fire fight ended before much damage could be done.

Only a week later the Bradford was put in drydock for a full review from the senior staff and Commodore Mendes. Zelea and Carmelita had to say goodbye, Lieutenant Junior Grade Mendes had been assigned as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer to the USS Presley, a Galaxy Class starship. Mendes gained the respect of her superior officer and was told she impressed the First Officer on one occasion. Many of the crew on the large ship grew to consider each other family over the years on their mission into deep space.

Over the years together there were times of joy, times of promotion and celebration. There were also times of sadness when one of your own is lost or one of the many dangers of space exploration shows it’s ugly face. One of the good times was just after Carmelita’s thirtieth birthday she was promoted to full Lieutenant and the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the Presley. Even Though she was only promoted because her superior officer decided on early retirement, her Commanding Officer had called her a great strategist and said she had a sharp tactful mind. She was proud of herself and enjoyed the short leave the crew was given, she got to spend time with both her parents.

During this leave, Carmelita found out her father was now one of the big wigs at Utopia Planitia and had been promoted to Admiral. While she was excited for him, she wanted her family to be proud of her and that isn’t how she felt. When the crew returned to the Presley from shore leave it felt more like family to Carmelita. She heard talk about how handsome the new Chief Engineer was and when she finally met him she couldn’t say the rumors were wrong.

Most of the crew she was close to on the Presley stayed together for over a decade and in that time. Carmelita and Michael Chambers, the Chief Engineer, grew very close. The Presley and her crew managed to stay in one piece all through the Dominion War. At the end of the war the Presley was in need of an overhaul and was placed on hiatus. During the month longshore leave the crew were given Carmelita and Michael decided to get married, it was a small wedding and her father married them. Then turned around and offered Michael, who was a brilliant engineer, a job at the shipyards and a promotion.

Not wanting to leave her husband, Carmelita applied for a position teaching at Starfleet Academy. The notes her former CO made in her file was enough to qualify her to teach tactics. Over her tenure Lieutenant Chambers would instruct several courses; her favorite was probably survival training. It was always fun to watch some know it all cadet break down and cry because they had to poop in the woods or some other embarrassing act. However after six years at the Academy and on the recommendation of both her father and husband she took the Bridge Commanders Exam. Carmelita felt good about taking the exam and passed it with an eighty five percent.

Her first assignment as First Officer would be her only assignment as First Officer. The year she served is now considered classified and she isn’t allowed to speak of it. Carmelita was debriefed and assigned her first command, the USS Bradford had come full circle.

The Bradford would stay under Carmelita’s command for a few years. The last mission, Carmelita was leading a task group into battle and by the end of it the Bradford had to be towed back to the nearest starbase. The task group did, however, stop the Borg from entering Federation space.

After a week in the medbay, Carmelita was visited by her father and two other Admirals with a promotion to Captain for her leadership skills with the task group. Admiral Mendes put a little birdie in his daughter's ear that she would be getting her wish and given a ship that was for exploration. She told him she missed being out there away from it all; he has his team already working on getting a Insignia-class ship mission ready. Just a day after Captain Chambers was cleared for duty, the USS Artemis was launched.

Carmelita and her crew were sent on a deep space exploration mission. It took them four years to chart the stars in the mission parameters. Of course there were other occurrences that were taken care of between times. Captain Chambers requested that her crew be given shore leave and it was granted. They had a month off, meanwhile the Artemis would be checked out and resupplied.

During their leave, Mel and Michael spent most of their waking hours together and sort of rekindled their romance. The two decided they wanted to have a baby and Captain Chambers had plenty of time saved; they could find someone else to take Apollo for a while. The following day was the attack on Utopia Planitia by the Synths, both her father and husband died that day. Carmen and Carmelita spent the day crying and holding one another, trying to comfort the other for their loss.

Carmelita spun into a horrible depression and took an extended six month leave of absence. Meanwhile, Starfleet needed every available Captain in the center seat of every available starship. Apollo and her crew had been sent back into action months ago, she had been in touch with a few of them, but they were busy. After another few months, Starfleet Command basically told her to put her big girl pants on and go back to work. So she dried her eyes, packed a bag, said goodbye to her mother and boarded a shuttle to find her First Officer and then it was back to her second home aboard the Artemis.
Service Record 2350-2354 Starfleet Academy
2354-2357(25) Ensign, Security Officer, USS Bradford
2357-2359 (27) Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Bradford
2359-2361(29) Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Presley
2361-2372(40) Lieutenant Commander, Chief Security/Tactical Officer/Second Officer, USS Presley
2372-2378 (46)Commander, Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2378 - 2379 (47) Commander, First Officer, Classified
2379-2381 (49) Commander, Commanding Officer, USS Bradford
2381-Present (2385) (53) Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Aretmis