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The Artemis new toy

Posted on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 @ 8:51am by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Lieutenant Nathaniel Frost & Lieutenant Manaan Triton

1,601 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: Diplomatic intervention
Location: Deck 12 - shuttle bay

Carmelita had been in her ready room having her morning coffee and going over the specifications for one of the latest technologies from the good folks in the Federations Corps of Engineers a vehicle replicator. It would take up one of the ships shuttle bays but had the ability to quickly produce small craft like shuttles, extra work bees, even ground craft. The Artemis second shuttle bay would keep several shuttles and a handful of work bees stationed there.

Captain Chambers finished up her coffee, closed the report she was reading and got up from her chair. She adjusted her uniform before stepping onto the bridge. “Lieutenant Frost” the Captain looked toward the helm as she took the first few steps toward the other side of the bridge and the turbo lift.

Nathaniel had been at his post relatively early, having woken up early and made it to the bridge. He spent most of the morning rearranging the console to his preferences, where he felt comfortable with all the controls. Hearing the Captain call his name, Nate set the console back to standard after saving his preferences and stood up. Seeing her start towards the turbolift, he Starfleet shuffled to her quickly and spoke "Yes ma'am? Where are we going?"

“On our way to meet Lieutenant Triton” Carmelita waited for the Lieutenant to join her at the turbo lift.

Giving a nod to her as they stepped on to the turbolift he spoke once more "Ah. Would be glad to meet them ma'am."

"Deck twelve" Carmelita ordered as the doors shut and the lift quickly started towards it's destination. "How are you this morning, Lieutenant?" the Captain asked looking over and making eye contact with the newest member of her senior staff.

"I am alright ma'am. I slept pretty good, even for being on a new ship. The engines have a good hum that goes through the ship. Put me down like a newborn babe." He smiled a bit at her and asked "How about yourself Captain? Sleep well? "

Captain Chambers smiled “I slept well and I agree, she has a nice hum” as the lift moved quickly between decks Carmelita continued to try and get to know the Lieutenant a little better. “This afternoon you’ll get to fly her” the Captain added.

Nathan smiled a bit as he heard those words. With a subtle nod he spoke gently "If I may say ma'am, I can't wait. Took everything in me not to take her for a spin once I had my preferences on the console..."

“I think you will enjoy flying the Artemis. She’s quite quick and maneuverable for a cruiser” of course she wasn’t sure what he was used to being at the helm of “not sure what your experience is” she looked over at the younger man.

Nathan looked back to the Captain as she wondered about his experience. Softly he spoke "My last ship that I was Chief Conn of was the U.S.S. Lexington, Nebula Class. If you'll pardon the parlance, she had a big ass but could swing it quite nimbly.”

Carmelita giggled and glanced over at Nathan “sounds like you should have no problem with the Artemis” the Captain said with confidence.

Nate smiled a bit and looked to the Captain before he replied "Ma'am. She is no Nebula class, but she is classy and fine as all hells. I promise I will treat her like the lady that she is,"

“That’s all I can ask” Carmelita said with a smile “that’s all I can ask, Lieutenant” the lift doors opened and she never missed a beat just started down the corridor. “I’ve asked Lieutenant Triton to meet us at the shuttle bay this morning” of course she wasn’t sure if he was there or not as they were a little early. Carmelita lived by the belief that if you were on time you were already late. Just moments later they two officers were entering the shuttle bay where the new tech would be installed.

Nathaniel stepped off of the turbolift after the Captain did. He followed behind her in to the shuttlebay proper and looked around. He saw a couple of technician's getting some of the equipment in place. Slowly he crossed his arms over his chest and spoke "Well this seems as good a place as any for our new replicator tech. Can't wait until we make our own Delta Flyer shuttle."

Triton was working on a shuttle and yelled, "Delta flyer is the name of a specific prototype,specifically two shuttle crafts. It only recently became a Class. However, if I have my way, all of our shuttles and ship will have that tech. Second Ship to get it outside of Jupiter Station. Once we track the right materials and heat them up hot enough. Our Delta Flyers will be Superior."

“Lieutenant Triton this is Lieutenant Frost” she smiled and looked over at Frost. “Our new Helmsman has brought us a new toy.”

Triton nodded to Frost, "The project we discussed that requires we go collect certain minerals. That will work very, very well." He was talking about the mining op that was used on USS Broken Arrow. That polymer they would build later would make the armor on this ship awesome.

Nathan nodded back to Triton before looking to the man as he spoke. He grinned a bit before he spoke "Well. Right now we still need to get the device built and tested. We have to make sure that it is properly calibrated, otherwise we might get oddly shaped warp nacelles."

“Before we get there” Captain Chambers spoke up “I’d like to know exactly what this thing is capable of?”

Nate looked to the Captain and spoke "Well. I mean it takes roughly a half hour to build whatever we want as long as it is in our database. It replicates parts of the ship in chunks and fuses together instead of doing it all at once. It uses the usual materials we would for the most part in building a shuttle by hand." He looked at the device that sat on the floor in pieces "We would have to install dilithium ourselves though. Obviously. It still can't be replicated. At least with any form of usability. We would need specialized minerals if we wanted to try and make the hull a different material type, whether it would be for better stealth or armoring."

A smile grew on Carmelita’s face “quite intrigued” she said before looking up at the men in front of her. “So if we lose a runabout on an away mission we can replace it without much hassle.” She was more just speaking out loud but expected one of them to answer.

"Correct. Though if we use the ships replication matter to do this instead of having a separate supply specifically for this, we would have to go on replicator rationing, like what the crew of Voyager did."

“From what I understand” she looked at Frost “we keep the reserve we already have and if we loose any or have a special need we can turn to the replicator. At least that’s how Chambers planned to use it which was what Starfleet instructed."

Nathan nodded gently as he stood there "That is correct Captain." He smiled a bit at her "It is an awesome system to have.."

“I can’t wait to see it in action” the Captain paused “unless I’m needed I’ll let you gentelmen get to it” she looked back and forth at the two men she was with.

Nate barely nodded to the Captain, having already grabbed a PADD that had the instructions to construct the device. He looked to Triton and spoke "Time to get our hands dirty eh? The fun begins!" Before he grabbed a Hyperspanner and some self sealing stem bolts.

Triton pulled the Captain aside, "With Tech like this, it would be easier to use my gifts." He was talking about his Mutation rather than his species traits. "I can hide them with a little sleight of hand, but he and I will be working too closely together."

Carmelita thought for a few seconds looking into Tritons eyes she replied in a whispered tone “let’s not risk it. I’d rather save that card for a future circumstance.”

Triton nodded, "I'll make it work, Captain."

“Then I’ll leave you gentlemen to it” Carmelita smiled and gave a nod “keep me updated, I’d like to see what this thing dose when it’s installed.”

Nate had just come back over, having been oblivious to their little side conversation. He nodded lightly to the captain and smiled "Aye Ma'am. We will keep you updated as much as possible."

Triton stepped over to Frost, "What do you have in mind? We could have fun with this."

Looking to Triton, He grinned a bit and spoke "Well. Right now I think we should get this built. And maybe we could try to come up with a new shuttle design ourselves. Would be fun to try and come up with something that would make Starfleet R&D jealous."

Triton nodded, "Where do you want me to start? This will be as fun as building a 1967 AMT Piranha from the ground up."

Nathaniel grinned widely and set up a PADD in holographic display so they could see the instructions, grabbing a hyperspanner once again and digging in to the various bits before them. "Choose a spot LT!"


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