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Waking up together

Posted on Wed Mar 6th, 2024 @ 3:33am by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Major Matthew Ryan

931 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Forlorn
Location: Deck 2 | Captain’s quarters | USS Artemis

Carmelita was already awake when the alarm went off. She was cuddled up with Matt and whispered “computer deactivate alarm” there was no reaction from the computer other then then alarm going silent. She wasn’t sure if he was awake but she wore a smile on her face, it was the first time he had spent the entire night in her quarters.

As she lay their with her head on his chest listening to him breath and the sound of his heart beat Carmelita knew she was happy. Happy with her career and happy with Matt and that was something she thought she would run away from forever after her husband passed away.

Matt heard the alarm go off and barely heard Carmelitas command to turn it off. Before this, he'd always have to slip out of her quarters and back to his own in case anyone queried the computer for his location. Damn commbadge was as good as an old GPS locator... Being in charge of the Marines he couldn't just leave the damn thing in his quarters either.

"Good morning babe." He said quietly, refusing to open his eyes just yet, didnt want to find out he was just dreaming.

She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek “how are you this morning?”

"Still hoping that when I open my eyes I'm not actually in my quarters by myself. Actually staying with you all night is going to take some getting used to. So used to us having to sneak around." He admitted as he did finally open his eyes. His cybernetic eye automatically switching to night vision mode to accommodate the lack of lighting.

“Well we can go back to acting like teenagers” Carmelita joked.

"The sneaking around part of being teenagers, or the part where we can't keep our hands off each other no matter whose around us?" He half joked.

“What do you have today” she asked still laying her head on his chest. “I was thinking coffee, workout, shower and breakfast together before I have to be on the bridge.”

"Coffee, shower calisthenics, breakfast and then about 4 different boarding drills before lunch." He said with a snort.

“Must be ready for those Romulan’s” Carmelita joked. “Ill get coffee” she would have to find her robe.

"Remind me again how we always get stuck babysitting the remnants of the Romulan Empire." He grumbled as he took in the view as she stood up. "Odin bless my new night vision capability." He chuckled.

Carmelita found her robe and out it on. “Computer increase lighting by thirty percent. What do you want for breakfast love?” She was on her way to the replicator.

"Three eggs, some sourdough toast, two sausage links and orange juice." He called after her as his cybernetic eye switched to its 'normal' vision. "Gotta watch what I eat while this new eye finishes integrating to my nervous system."

A few minuets went by and Carmelita returned with coffee and their ordered breakfast. She has fruit and yogurt with granola with coffee. “How do you think the staff will react” she asked sipping her coffee.

"Eh, I think most of them will take it well. Some may get upset they never figured it out before. I mean we really weren't trying to be real subtle about it honestly." He said before sipping his own coffee.

Carmelita smiled and took a bite of her breakfast. “I wonder what Nightingale will have to say about the situation?”

Matt chuckled at that comment. " He's fairly by the book from what I've seen. I give it no better than 50/50 he's okay with it. Either that or he blows a gasket."

“This may” she say her coffee down “this may be the end of my career.” The Captain shrugged “I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

"Their loss if they choose to lose a top notch Captain over some busted down, beat up Jarhead." He said and looked at her over his cup. "Between our pensions, we can go anywhere you want to baby if they decide to go that route."

“I guess you are right” she ate some more of her breakfast. “I’m hoping this mission goes well. Not only are we potentially dealing with the Romulans” she shook her head “but possibly the Klingons, Ferengi, who knows.”

"No shortage of people who would love to take advantage of the Romulans right now. They haven't exactly made a lot of friends over the years." Matt agreed, taking another bite of toast.

“Oh I agree” Carmelita said “I’m sure many of our own crew would rather not be helping them, but we are going to follow orders.” She knew even the people who made the decisions in Starfleet were torn on the Romulans.

"I said my piece during the meeting." Matt agreed with a nod. "But orders are orders so I do what I'm told." He grinned his playful grin at her. "At least until we get home anyway."

“That’s one thing I can say about you, Marine” she joked “I know what’s on your mind.”

"To be fair, YOU said showering together." Matt laughed. "You put the image in my head Imzadi."

“Well let’s go” she smiled and finished off her coffee.

"If I ever say no to that, I want you to shoot me with a phaser on high." He laughed as he stood up to follow her to the bathroom.

“I promise” she giggled and stripped her robe off while getting into the shower.


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