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Onward to the Neutral Zone

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2024 @ 10:42pm by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Ensign Mir'il & Commander Saraya Brontë MD & Lieutenant Commander Amanda Wells & Major Matthew Ryan & Lieutenant Nathaniel Frost & Lieutenant Manaan Triton & Lieutenant Jesse Moriarty

1,474 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Forlorn
Location: Conference room | Deck 1 | USS Artemis
Timeline: 08:00 hours

The senior staff had gathered and Captain Chambers had done the normal formalities. It was early and she was sipping on a mug of hot coffee and continued her briefing “you are all well aware of the situation being faced by the people of Romulus.” It wasn’t a question really and most of them had been a part of her senior staff since she took the USS Artemis back into action. “The Romulan government reported attacks on their ships, mostly freighters.” Carmelita looked around the room “we will patrol our side of the neutral zone.” It was basically to be a show of force “hopefully with a capable ship like the Artemis near by no one will get the idea to cross into Federation space.”

Matt sipped from his own coffee mug with a chuckle. "You know, after so many years of watching the Romulans do the exact same things to us that are now happening to them I really can't decide if this is irony or karma."

“Well Major” Carmelita paused and took a deep breath “our opinions don’t normally influence Starfleet Commands decision when it comes to our orders.” She wouldn’t say not to voice their opinions or whether she agreed or not.

Matt smirked and arched an eyebrow at her before returning to his coffee. It had been a rather late night, or was that early morning?

For the moment Amanda was content to sip her green tea and listening to the exchange. As such there was little she could add to the briefing from an intelligence standpoint.

Captain Chambers decided to go to continue with the briefing. “We are expected to patrol a designated route for a minimum of nine weeks. Tactical, medical and engineering will need to be on alert at all times during this mission.”

"The Marines are ready to supplement Security or Tactical as needed." Matt offered. "In addition to handle any boarding actions that may be required."

Triton nodded, "I'll have the toys ready."

“Speaking of medical” Carmelita smiled “as some of you are aware Commander Brontë also has a background in science and will be switching to head our science department and doctor Ortiz will take over as Chief Medical Officer.

Saraya smiled "You'll just be seeing more of me on the bridge, and Doctor Ortiz will see to your injuries. Though if we need more hands in medical, It's like riding a bike. I'll be elbows deep in organs if necessary."

Triton grinned, "Squishy."

"Quite" replied Saraya.

Captain Chambers gave a quick nod but didn’t say anything.

Triton got an alert from the ship telling him the translation was done.

After Ortiz spoke, "Captain, that translation is done."

“Thank you Doctor” Captain Chambers said with a smile and nod. “Mister Triton has some important information to share with us.”

"My history was just recently declassified by Starfleet Intelligence. I am not from Pacifica. I'm actually from Earth, just not your Earth. I was brought here by an Asshole from a Species that calls themselves Continuum. We won't say his name because he is an asshole and he will appear whether you want him to or not. I gave Geo Coordinates to Starfleet to see if my people were there. My people did not evolve in this timeline. There was Archaeological Evidence of the people we evolved from."

“The project hasn’t been given to green light. However Lieutenant Triton and I have submitted a proposal and have requested the Artemis be assigned.” The Captain smiled at her Engineer “the Admiral I sent the proposal to was on board and thought it would be approved.”

"The Tablet appears to have said that my people were of two minds. Some tried to force evolution to live under the sea, which failed in this timeline. Others tried to go to the stars. Captain James Kirk ran across people's that said they came from Earth. We are discussing making second contact with them and seeing if we share a common ancestry."

"What do Starfleet hope to find or achieve from this?" Jesse Moriarty asked lightly with interest. He hadn't joined up for exploration and discovery like many others in the service. His calling was to protect and serve. So it made him more than just a little curious as to what Starfleet hoped to get out of this little mystery.

“Oh you know Starfleet is ever curious” the Captain said with a smile.

Triton continued reading, "The Tablet says they angered a God called Koppa." He looked confused. This God was not mentioned in the variation of the story he grew up with. He didn't realize what Koppa was at first. "Oh. What a Dick. I hate this guy even more now."

“Koppa?” Carmelita inquired.

Triton nodded, "Not a Graeco Roma Gods like the Atlanteans of my Earth worshipped. Koppa is a letter in the Greek Alphabet. Military Phonetic would be Quebec. In this timeline, a Quebec sunk Atlantis." She knew some of his history with Q and a lot of those that served on the Broken Arrow didn't say his name. He would appear afterwards, like a rash.

“Well Q can be quite the pain” Carmelita smiled “I’ve read some of the reports on the entity.”

"Lt Moriarty, picture humanoids from Earth that achieved space flight thousands of years before we did." Triton answered him. "Yes, it is academia. Second Contact is always an interesting aspect. According to Kirk's report, they were a warrior society, proficient technology, and some sort of mental abilities in some. Technology and comparative biology. You might be able to get a raucous spar and drink on. It is potentially better than Pollux IV encounter." The Olympians there were extinct.

Triton spoke, "That is the end of the translation of the tablet. As far as the declassification of my ancestry, I am sorry about the lies."

Nathaniel had sat quietly during the staff meeting, sipping his Raktajino. He had listened to everything and tilted his head. He had read of the encounters on board the Enterprise with Q, and even heard rumors of the Commander of Deep Space Nine decking the omnipotent being. However he had always thought that rumor was just that, a rumor.

“We will see what Starfleet Command thinks” Captain Chambers said with a nod. “Let’s get underway “ the Captain stood and made her way to the bridge. She was making her way to the center chair and took her seat and the senior staff started exiting right behind her.

Triton checked in with the Engineering Station on the Bridge and then went down to Engineering.

Moriarty's shoulders had drawn just a touch tighter as he made his way to the Security Office. The Romulans had made more than a few enemies in their time, trying to keep the peace between them and any willwishers might be simpler said than done.

Matt followed the security chief out of the briefing. He would have to program a wide variety of ships for the upcoming boarding drills, including Romulan vessels. He knew there were a few fractures amongst the factions of the Romulan Empire. It was going to be a long week of training...

Saraya exited and planned to take the science station on the bridge. No time like the present for her to get settled in and comfortable on the bridge.

Amanda exited the conference room and crossed the bridge to take her station. She keyed in her access code and the console came to life. She offered a slight nod to the captain as she anticipated the order to depart.

“Helm set course for the Neutral Zone, warp eight” Captain Chambers requested.

Nate had made his way out of the conference room with the others, stopping momentarily at the replicator to drop his empty mug off to me recycled. Once to the helm, he nodded to his subordinate and took his seat, hitting his preference selection to change the set up to how he preferred. "Aye ma'am, setting course, heading 128 mark 35, Warp eight. Horses are chompin at the bit to run ma'am." Nathaniel spoke with a grin.

“Engage” Carmelita said with a nod and the view screen changed from the stars standing still to them whizzing by like little rainbows. “Hopefully no one gets any wild ideas and crosses into Federation space.”

With a tap on his console, Nathaniel sent the command to the warp engine, causing the core to spool up and begin warping space time to send them hurtling through space at speeds that would boggle their ancestors.

Once everyone was at their respective stations and the Insignia-class starship had disembarked from the station they were on their way toward the Romulan Neutral Zone. A journey that would take just over a week at their current speed of warp eight.


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