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Not goodbye after all

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2024 @ 6:10am by Captain Carmelita Chambers & Commander Saraya Brontë MD

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Mission: Forlorn

Carmelita had been debriefed and most of the crew transfers had been completed. However there was someone she wanted to see off personally. Her Second Officer, an excellent Physician and officer, Commander Brontë. Stepping into the ships sickbay she started looking for Saraya.

Rummaging around the desk in her soon to be former office, Doctor Saraya Brontë was tossing things left and right into various containers and causing enough noise to give a Ferengi a migraine as she nonchalantly whistled a pretty tune. "Right 'nuff of this shit" she said to herself and grabbed one of the containers and walked out into the main part of Sickbay.

She immediately saw the Captain who had entered and flashed her a small smile. "Oye Love, ya don' look like ya injured. Got working limbs don'cha? Well then, grab a crate why don't ya. I practically lived outta this place ya know."

“Yes I see” captain Chambers said returning an awkward smile. She had never had a Doctor ask her to carry crates of supplies. “I received your transfer request from Starfleet and while I hate to lose you, I completely understand.”

"I go where I'm needed, love" stated Saraya. She shook her head and pointed to her desk. "From point a to point..." Saraya motioned her hand around and chose a direction. "B. Wherever and whenever I am called to serve" she stated.

“I understand that”. She smiled “you don’t get that extra pip by not being available.”

The Doctor smirked and nodded. "You're right. I spent years working my way up to getting all of my pips, and I'm not done yet. I have more to earn" she said confidently. "I started out in science, just doing my sweet thang on at a science console, putting time in the labs and I pursued medical school. I eventually made it to Chief Medical Officer, reached Lieutenant Commander, and thought there's more for me."

“Captains chair?” Carmelita asked with a curious tone.

"It's cozy on the bridge" admitted Saraya. "I love being a my desk in a quaint office, it's grand, but I could be Captain of my own ship one day if I play my cards right."

“Absolutely” the Captain smiled as they moved crates. “Especially a science based ship or medical” there was a pause “especially with your background” she added.

"Right," replied Saraya. "The thing is I haven't spent much time on the Bridge aside from night watch once in a while. One doesn't get much time away from Sickbay, love. At least not as Chief Medical Officer. If I'm going to work my way up to a command of my own I had to request a transfer and concentrate on a Science Officer position within the fleet."

“Makes perfect sense” Carmelita agreed. “So where’s your next assignment exactly?” It was in the transfer report and she knew the answer already but enjoyed the Doctor’s friendship and enjoyed talking to her, even if she was rather blunt. “It’s a good ambition but as you aware the center seat isn’t for everyone.”

"Initially, it was to be the USS Tulsa" stated Saraya. "Not gonna be the case anymore. Bloody ship got itself tor to pieces last week" shaking her head. "I' received my new transfer assignment this morning"

Saraya started picking up a large container of her items. "Onward we go. I'll have some Ops underlings grab the rest of it" she added.

Captain Chambers proceeded to exit the medical bay. “So what are you going to be researching, Doctor?”

"I have a few things that I'm currently working on, but I am particularly researching a viral infection that's starting to make its way through Klingon colonies" noted Saraya. "Now, to deck 5" she added.

The pair exited onto deck five “well if anyone can cure this virus it’s you.”

"I'll either find a cure or learn enough about it to weaponize it" she teased. The two took a turbo lift up to deck five and poured out into the corridor. They walked for a bit then Saraya stopped. "This is me" she proclaimed.

Right outside science lab one of the Artemis. "Well, I don't know about you, love but I'm knackered. Tea?"

“Tea would be fabulous” Carmelita smiled.

"Wonderful, we can pop off to the mess and grab a bite, love. I have a plethora of idea for the science department, and about eight dozen items I'll need. I'm sure medical will be in capable hands, and if not I'll chew 'em out and whip him into shape."

“I have every confidence, Doctor” she knew Saraya wouldn’t leave her replacement unprepared.

Saraya smiled "They won't be me, but they will do suitably. As for the science department, it's going to be in good hands."

“Of that I’m sure Commander” the Captain knew whatever Saraya set her mind to she had accomplished so far anyway. “The Science department will have a strong leader” Carmelita added with confidence.

Saraya scoffed and looked at the Captain. "It will certainly be ran with efficiency" Said the former Chief Medical Officer. "I had fully intended on parting ways with this ship and crew, but I guess fate had other plans in store for me. Nevertheless, I will treat it as a bit of a fresh start for me. I haven't been a science officer in what seems like a very long time. Possibly too long."

“Well I have no doubt you’ll pick it up” Carmelita smiled “like riding a bike as they say.”

"Last time I rode a bike it was when I was a child," she said. "My brother pushed me down a steap hill. I didn't get dinner that night, but his nose was never straight against."

“Oh my” Carmelita said with a slight giggled. “I bet he thought twice about trying anything like that again?”

Saraya smiled "They always do," Saraya said simply. "Thank you for helping. I should be able to get the rest myself no problem. "

“Glad you are staying aboard Saraya” the Captain said with a smile. The Captain dropped off the crates she was carrying and departed. It might be good to have her Second Officer on the bridge rather than sickbay.


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