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Post mission recovery

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2023 @ 7:44am by Lieutenant Nathaniel Frost

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Mission: Diplomatic intervention
Location: Personal Quarters

Nathaniel had made it back to the ship more or less in one piece. His back did hurt from the roll, but otherwise he was uninjured. Sitting at his desk in his quarters, he was trying to write his log entry instead of speaking it. It was preferable for him to write in order to get everything out without stuttering or forgetting things.

He had music playing, classic music from the 21st century. It was something that helped relax him. It was some music he had introduced some Klingon friends to during the Dominion War. They had enjoyed the hard beats and guitars, thinking it to be perfect battle music.

It had been several hours since the mission on the Lomsebenzi, and he had yet to be called for a debriefing. He wondered if he would get in trouble for shooting one of the pirates, even though he had not killed them. Once his log entry was complete and filed in to the computer system as his official log, he sat back, picking up one of the plastic models he had built, focusing on it and changing how it was positioned.


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