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Digging through history [Backpost - Mission: Diplomatic Intervention]

Posted on Fri Mar 15th, 2024 @ 12:03pm by Lieutenant JG Robin Winter & Lieutenant JG Aymee Valentine

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Mission: Forlorn
Location: USS Artemis
Timeline: Shortly before the truce between the Vindarians and pirates

Lieutenant Aymee Valentine smiled as she carried the PADDs, humming to herself as she made her way to the counselor's office. With her Chief off the ship and Gor in charge of Security, Aymee had been volunteered by Nightingale to help out Counselor Winter with some research. She wasn't sure what had gotten this going, maybe it was some sort of intel weird senses. But here she was, carrying some PADDs and books from the planet. "I wasn't sure where you wanted to start," she told Winter, meeting his eyes. "So I just gathered all I could find."

"Ah perfect," Robin moved quickly to help her, piling the padds onto his desk with a slight shake of his head. "Apologies, when I asked if I could look further into this situation with the pirates, I didn't mean for you to get deputised over," he chuckled, but his expression was still apologetic.

"It's fine, not like there's that much to do right now anyway," Aymee said dismissively, smiling as she shook her head. "Let's have a read through and see what we can find. Might be nothing, might be something."

"It's worth taking a look," Robin nodded as he moved to get a pot of coffee for them, setting it down before settling back into his seat. "I'm curious if we can find any references to these 'pirates'. We know virtually nothing about them."

She nodded as she sat down, reaching for a PADD. "Just that they're most likely native to this sector. If we could find their home planet it would help, not that many goldilocks planets out there..." she stopped and looked at him, grimacing. "I mean, sure, there's plenty, but if they were every couple of lightyears we would all have known about each other way before the Vulcan hello."

"I know what you mean," Robin assured with a small smile, opening his screen up to start cross referencing the reports she'd managed to bring together. "We'll focus on reports that mention local pirates and trading."

Aymee nodded, smiling as she glanced at the PADD. "And if we need extra eyes, we should ask the Padre to come and help us. Only that much praying and offering advice to people you can do if you ask me."

"Absolutely...the more help the better," he assured with a soft chuckle, sitting back as the padd blinked with the completed search. "So....still over a hundred records to look at, with hundreds more that contain secondary mentions," he sighed, bringing it up on the main screen so they could both see the list. He clicked the first file open. It was as good a place to start as any. It was a dry record of an encounter with a pirate ship manned by Klingons, with no follow up hits. "Not our guys," he swiped it away to open the next one.

Aymee read over the Vulcans coming to the sector and groaned. "Nope, this is all boring Vulcans being boring..." she said to herself and moved closer, to pick up another PADD. Anything to not read about Vulcans. She stared reading, smiling to herself. "The history of one's self inked into flesh...translations of ancient texts of Vindarin archeology."

"Let's take a look..." he motioned to the mainscreen, leaning back in his seat as the information switched to the file. "Although pirates or traders in ancient Vindarin might be a *little* outside of our timeline..." he chuckled.

"I mean, yeah," Aymee said as she watched it, shaking her head. "But maybe it'll help us understand the people we're helping, you know? They didn't seem very religious. More...eager to please and be all superior."

"Completely agree," he assured with a small smile, looking down over the entry that was emblazoned on the big screen. "Still, there was a sense of ritual and tradition down there, don't you think? The way their stalls were all set out around those obelisks."

Aymee looked at the entry, frowning slightly. "Do you remember when we were down there, the markings on the obelisks?" she asked, sitting back as she considered it. "They were everywhere on the older stuff, but the new ones...nothing at all."

Robin sat back as he closed his eyes, trying to remember it. He remembered them on the crystal like structures, but couldn't place whether they'd been anywhere else. "Computer, bring up pictures of the Vindarian capital market square."

The pictures came up, showing the crystals individually. The large crystals had the marks cut into them with great care, yet somewhat obscured by age and time. Aymee looked at them, frowning as she bit her lip. "I wonder if they're religious symbols, or...if they were once part of a written language."

"Computer," Robin stood, folding his arms across his chest as he watched with interest, trying to get a closer look. "Cross reference these symbols on the crystals with the rest of the archive files we have and show us the results."


Aymee looked at him, a small smile coming to her before she reached for her drink. She was one mouthful in when the results came on the screen.

"Reference one. Religious symbols, originally of Vindarin origin. From a simplified language where each symbol was meant to map out a person's life. Reference two, found on the body of deceased pirates. Reference three, on Vindarin-produced pottery."

Robin's arms dropped to his side in surprise, frowning as he glanced across to Aymee. "Wait, what was that?" He sighed and rolled his eyes as the computer began to repeat what it had said. ", the second reference. Found on the body of which deceased pirates?"

"Body of confirmed pirates, from the failed takeover of a Vindarin refinery," the computer brought up the bodies of three different people, two women and one man. "Symbols are tattooed into their skin."

Robin looked over to Aymee with confusion, shaking his head with a frown as he sat back down. "What takeover of which refinery? Have you heard anything about this?"

Aymee shook her head, frowning as she looked at the pictures. "I know that they get their ore from planets, and that there are refineries. I just assumed it was the Vindarin who were mining and refining..." she stopped and moved closer. "Look here..." she pointed at what one of the women were wearing. "That's a miner's suit. You can see the re-enforcement of the knees and elbows. But these..." she gestured to the two others. "Are wearing more...jumpsuits."

"And if these pirates have the same symbols we saw on the Vindarian crystals, tattooed into their skin. They must have shared a culture at somepoint, or a heritage," Robin said quietly, lining the pieces up.

Aymee nodded as she watched him, searching his eyes. "Do we have any DNA scans of either? I know the Vindarin came onboard so we got the scans from them, but if we can compare it with these pirates..." she leant closer, her hands on the table. "What if it isn't just a shared heritage? What if they're the same?"

"Well, if that were the case then the Vindarians would have a lot of explaining to do," Robin replied bluntly, but not with disbelief. He'd experienced enough in his time to know that the unexpected could happen and did happen. "Why pretend that they don't know who they are?"

"Not to be that person, but the Vindarin do not seem like a people who keep the best of records unless it is status-related..." Aymee finally said, after a long moment's silence. "Either they know and they hide it...or they've forgotten that part of their history. By choice."

Robin nodded, encouraged by the discovery. At least they were finally getting somewhere...even if he didn't like the look of where it was going. "Come on, let's see if we can find any supporting evidence to put together a report..."


Lt JG Robin Winter


LT JG Aymee Valentine


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