USS Artemis NCC-48854    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The bridge of the USS Artemis follows a standard Starfleet layout and coloring for the Insignia-class cruiser. The three seats in the center of the bridge are reserved for the ships Commanding Officer, who's chair has limited computer access. The ships First Officer and Second Officer with individual consoles at their disposal.

A Master Ship Display screen and auxiliary consoles line the back wall of the bridge, between two turbo-lifts. Operations (Ops) and Flight Control (Helm) stations are placed towards the front of the bridge next to one another. To the Captain's right are Science and Engineering stations. On the opposite side of the bridge are the stations for Tactical, Intelligence and Mission Operations.
Sickbay   Sickbay is the ship's medical facility and can handle a wide range of medical issues. From simple scrapes and bruises to the most complex surgeries and medical procedures.