Name Description
USS Artemis NCC-48854 The Insignia-class starship is a cruiser with a modular design allowing the ship to take on mission specific modules. With the latest technology Starfleet has to offer and an impressive armament the Artemis is capable of a wide range of missions.
Type 13 Like the Type 11 shuttlecraft that inspired it, the design of the type 13 shuttlecraft differed from other Starfleet shuttles with the cockpit separated from the rest of the shuttle. The Type 13 shuttlecraft was designed for longer shuttle trips then the smaller Type 14.
Type 14 A Starfleet shuttlecraft designed for short range trips. Capable of both space and atmospheric flight, the shuttle was designed using ideas from both the Type 9 shuttle and the Delta Flyer.
Volga Class Runabout The newest and most advanced runabout Starfleet has offered. Taking the successes of the Danube Class, Starfleet decided it was time for a new runabout design. What they came up with was the Volga Class, thought slightly smaller, still capable of carrying out the role. The Volga Class comes packed with the latest in small craft technology the Federation has to offer.