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After several transfers and a quick resupply at Starbase 171. The crew of the USS Artemis are sent on a routine patrol of the Federation/Romulan neutral zone. After increased attacks on Romulan ships the Federation wants to be available to render aid, but only cross if it receives a request or distress signal. Starfleet security also wants a capable ship on their side of the border. In case the Klingons, Ferengi or any other enemies make a move on the Federation or her allies.

Since the troubles on Romulus. Tension between the Klingon’s and Romulan’s have increased. Intelligence suggest the Klingon’s are preparing an invasion force. However there’s no confirmed intelligence, but several species have attacked Romulan ships. Including reports of the Ferengi and Orions, from the Romulan Senate.

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Diplomatic intervention

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After making several trips from Romulus to Vestigium the Artemis is called away to a near by system to handle a diplomatic dispute. The Vindarin government has requested assistance from the Federation to help sort out several recent attacks by pirates. Vindarin ships are freighters and only lightly armed which doesn’t give them much of a chance if they are attacked. Their technology is far behind that of the Federation.

The Vindarin home world is rich in natural resources and her people very hospitable. The Federation is considering their application to become a member world.

All refugees are not equal

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After a module swap out at Starbase 1913 the newly assigned crew along with the former Commanding Officer come home to the USS Artemis and set course at maximum warp for Romulus. They have been assigned humanitarian duties and are to assist with evacuation and relocation of Romulan citizens, dignitaries and any other refugee from the dying planet.

The evacuee's assigned to the Artemis will be shuttled to a newly colonized world on the edge of Federation space. The crew of the Artemis will assist in setting up temporary shelter and deliver much needed supplies along with their guests. The Romulan's new home Vestigium, located in the Niphar System just moments away from the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. Vestigium is an M Class Planet with about 1500 Federation Citizens and Starfleet Officers that have just started setting things up on the planet. The citizens have set up temporary housing, started working crops and making the Niphar system home.

The Artemis has been tasked with transporting over 2100 refugees from the Romulan home world to live among the people of Vestigium. Loaded down with extra supplies and those 2100 refugees the Artemis has set course from Romulus to Vestigium.