The Sim

The Insignia-class starship was first intended to be a replacement for the Galaxy-class and while the class is certainly a well rounded class she is classified as a cruiser in Starfleet’s armada of ships. Which means the class is designed with combat in mind and carries an impressive armament, especially when compared to vessels of the same size. One of the many ships commissioned when things started getting darker for the Federation.

Like her sister ship’s the Artemis is a fast and flexible vessel with Variable Geometry Warp pylon and interchangeable modules that can be quickly changed at any orbital shipyard. The USS Artemis generally runs with a standard set of modules, which gives a little extra space to several different departments. Whenever possible modules are swapped out for more useful ones, depending on mission parameters (medical, marines, passengers, etc.)

The Artemis is capable of a wide range of missions. Armed well enough to hold her own in a firefight and equipped with some of the latest Starfleet technology. The ship’s diplomatic, civilian and crew accommodations are up to Federation standards and more than comfortable enough for deep space assignments.