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Captain Harumi Kiyama

Name Harumi Kiyama

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Harumi has long wavy light brown hair and bags under her eyes, believed to be a result of the survivor's guilt she grapples with every day. She is often seen wearing over her uniform the overcoat of her first squadron leader, who was killed in action at the siege of AR-558, as a reminder of what she's lost.


Spouse Nobuhiro Takahama (Divorced 2380)
Children none
Father Dr. Yasaboro Kiyama
Mother Dr. Tazuko Kiyama

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Harumi is kind and considerate to people in general, she is fiercely loyal to her fellow marines, and often holds herself accountable when things go wrong.

Harumi suffers from survivor's guilt and post traumatic stress disorder, which stems from her participation in the siege of AR-558, in which she was the sole survivor of her unit.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Fiercely loyal
+Excellent Marksman

-Suffers from survivor's guilt and PTSD
-Obsessed with running scenarios trying to save her squadmates
Hobbies & Interests -Running AR-558 battle simulations
-Old earth sports cars and supercars

Personal History Harumi Kiyama once had a good life: A steady job, a happy marriage. However, all of that changed in 2374 after the battle of Betazed. Harumi wasn't sure what came over her when she enlisted to the Starfleet Marine Corps, but one thing was clear: She was going to make the Dominion pay for taking over Betazed.

After undergoing basic training, Harumi was assigned to the USS Columbia's marine detachment. The Columbia had recently participated in the successful first battle of Chin'toka when Private Kiyama was first assigned to her, just in time for the Columbia to be putting boots on the ground at AR-558.

Of the squadron of marines Harumi was assigned to, Harumi was the only one to return from AR-558. Following the battle, Harumi began having night terrors, and as she lost sleep, her performance began to slip, and soon, she was taken off active duty, at which time she saw a counselor aboard the Columbia over her nightmares. Harumi was soon diagnosed with survivor's guilt and post traumatic stress disorder, and was granted medical leave. During her medical leave, Harumi became withdrawn, spending her time in holosuites running simulations of the battle and experimenting in methods of trying to save her squadmates, an obsession which would stick with her to the present day.

When Harumi returned to active duty, AR-558 always seemed to be on her mind, even after the Dominion War came to an end later in 2375. It was suspected that this was due to her remaining assigned to the Columbia, where she had lost so many of her comrades. Harumi eventually confirmed it as such during a meeting with a counselor in early 2377. Acting with the new information they had received from Harumi, Starfleet and the Marine Corps reassigned her to the USS Challenger later in 2377, alongside a promotion to Private 1st Class.

In 2380, Harumi was selected for Officer Candidate School. During the 12 week program, her marriage became increasingly strained until finally Harumi and her husband decided to cut ties and file for divorce. While her divorce was in progress, Harumi graduated from Officer Candidate School at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and she was assigned to the USS Discovery as a team leader.
Service Record 2374: Enlisted to Starfleet Marine Corps
2374-2375: Starfleet Marine Corps Basic Training
2375-2377: USS Columbia (Private - Marine)
2377-2379: USS Challenger (Private 1st Class - Marine)
2379-2380: Officer Candidate School (Graduated 2nd Lieutenant)
2380-2382: USS Discovery (2nd Lieutenant - Team Leader)
2382-2384: USS Atlantis (1st Lieutenant - Squadron Leader)
2384-2385: USS Endeavour (Captain - Platoon Leader)
2385-Present: USS Artemis (Captain - Marine Executive Officer)