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Lieutenant JG Robin Winter

Name Robin Winter

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11''
Weight 150 Ibs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Robin is an avid sportsman and once worked as a Security Officer. As such he keeps fit and has an athletic body type.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Winter, Doctor
Mother Violet Winter, Teacher
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robin is a man of patience and warmth, but if it’s deliberately tested he can lose his temper surprisingly quickly. He is a skilled counsellor but won’t put up with people who waste his time and he expects his patients to put just as much work into their therapy as he does. He enjoys a good drink at the end of the day, needing to unwind as he carries far too much stress and tension in him.

He makes casual friends quite easily but finds it harder to make closer friends with a deeper relationship and trust. He can have fluctuating moods because of his experience with Voyager...sometimes he misses the intense closeness and friendships he had with some of the people there and other times he feels as if he is choking in a suffocating environment being on a ship, because of the similar feeling he’d had on Voyager.

His moods can become darker and more difficult to live with when nightmares or flashbacks creep in from the different struggles he was involved in, but he manages to keep his PTSD under control in order to concentrate on his work.

With the lack of replicator use and decent food on the Voyager, he developed an insatiable desire for cooking on his return home. He still has the urge to cook, and rather than use replicators he enjoys cooking real meals from scratch.

Equally, because of the lack of greenery and shoreleave to enjoy the countryside and scenery of familiar planets, he has become a keen gardener. As such, he volunteers to work in the arboretum and has plant growing trays in his quarters.

He hasn’t seen his parents since returning from the Delta Quadrant. He received a message from them in which he could detect their anger at his decision to join Starfleet and the pain the consequences had caused them. He’s not ready for that conversation yet.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, research, sailing, cooking, gardening, rugby, hockey, cricket, parrises squares

Personal History Robin was born into a happy marriage on the south coast of England, his father a doctor in a small village practice, and his mother a teacher in a local school. He was an only child and spent a lot of time out on the cliffs and the beach. He was a bright lad, and grew into an intelligent young man, sent to an all boy’s private boarding school to make the most of his aptitude with a challenging education. He achieved well and was a popular student with teachers, even if he seemed to be very energetic. He became a participant or a team captain of most the sports teams, and it seemed to help him stay focussed on academic study.

When he returned home to his parents, he agreed to join the local college to further his education. He got through his exams but couldn’t help his desire to do and see more. He told his parents he wanted to join Starfleet, and despite them having sent him to a boarding school so they could have more time together, they told him not to go, that it wasn’t safe. He left anyway, joining up with Starfleet and enrolling into Security and Tactical officer training, having had enough of studying in the sciences.

As a result of doing well in his course, he was given a place on the USS Voyager. He went to the ship with excitement, but it was short lived. Voyager was taken thousands of light years across to the Delta Quadrant and the Captain’s choice to save a native people left them stranded there. It was a surreal sort of shock, the kind that doesn’t seem quite real and takes time for the reality to sink in, but he put his head down and got on with his duties, and that made the long trip home easier. He made some firm friends on the small ship, but he also found it somewhat suffocating with everyone always knowing everyone elses business due to the rapid spread of gossip.

There were some awe inspiring moments of discovery for the Voyager, but it wasn’t an easy trip home, and as a Security Officer he was often on the front line of the many attacks, risky missions and even hijackings of the ship. One of the most brutal enemies were the Hirogen, who managed to capture them. It was a traumatic experience for the crew and it left Robin with lasting mental scars.

It was an isolating experience and it seemed as if they would be travelling home for decades...and in honesty, he had lost hope of seeing the Alpha Quadrant again. Then finally, seven years after being snatched away, a future Admiral Janeway arrived to help them defeat the Borg Queen and get home.

It was strange to start with. They were greeted as heroes, although he didn’t feel like one. Instead, he felt...lost. He almost felt more lost being back in a place he’d thought he’d never see again, where the world had moved on and changed, and where the people he’d trained with were in higher ranks and positions than he was.

While the other members of crew were in similar positions and many decided to work harder and faster to catch up in their career, he decided to take it as a chance to do something different instead. His time on Voyager and his experiences there had changed him and his understanding of people and crew. Having seen what it was like for a crew with no counsellor when they had needed one most, he decided to retrain in psychology.

He took to it quickly, with a natural understanding of people and decided to train in psychology and psychiatry at Starfleet Medical to serve as a Counselling Officer within the fleet. He felt comfortable within his new role on his new ship and it wasn’t long before he was confident he had made the right decision.
Service Record 2367-2371 - Starfleet Academy, Security Cadet

2371-2375 - USS Voyager, Security Officer, Ensign

2375-2378 - USS Voyager, Security Officer, Lt. JG

2378-2382 - Starfleet Medical, Counselling Officer Training

2382-2384 - USS Flint, Counselling Officer, Lieutenant JG

2384-2385 - USS Velocity, Counselling Officer, Lieutenant JG

2385-Present - USS Artemis, Counselling Officer, Lieutenant JG