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Lieutenant Jesse Moriarty

Name Jesse Moriarty

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Colony Born)
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 155 Ibs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Fit and athletic, Jesse trains everyday to keep himself in the best condition he can considering old injuries. He still has some scars that show his combative past. He wears his hair a little longer than many Starfleet men and favours civilian clothing when off duty, particularly an old beaten up leather jacket.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jeam Moriarty, teacher, deceased
Mother Amelia Moriarty, boutique owner
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jesse can be hard to get to know and, frankly, is something of a live wire. He sometimes finds it difficult to relax so he can come across as uptight. The truth is, he got so used to living close to the edge that it can be hard for him to shake that feeling. When he does manage to unwind, it’s usually with a drink or maybe taking someone home for the night. He doesn’t do well with relationships though, so his partners tend to be one night stands, a pattern that he’s been told isn’t particularly healthy by a counsellor.

Blunt and to the point, he doesn’t particularly care if he ruffles feathers and it often doesn’t take much to make him lose his temper. Oddly, it’s that straight forwardness that can make him a good friend. He doesn’t play games, would never sugar coat the truth and he’s one of the most loyal friends a person could ever have...he’d always have their back and never leave them behind. Despite the rough edges, he has a sharp and somewhat dark sense of humour and a generosity that comes from knowing what it’s like not to have much.

Jesse can still have problems with PTSD and is required to attend a course of counselling when symptoms worsen. Likewise, when old injuries start to cause trouble he is expected to seek out medical treatment to ease the aches and pains.
Hobbies & Interests Training (fitness and combat), drinking/frequenting bars, drawing, designing holoprogrammes, reading.

Personal History Jesse Moriarty was born in the Solina Colony, an independent human colony that would later find itself in the Demilitarized Zone. His mother ran a boutique of hand-crafted clothes, jewellery and luxury food and drink items, and his father was a teacher. He had a difficult relationship with his mother who saw him as an inconvenience, but his father spent all of his spare time with him, eagerly passing on his love for the world of academia.

It became clear to his father that Jesse was bright for his age and his progress through school seemed to show a good future for the boy. However, when he was 14 years old, their colony was invaded by Cardassians who declared that the lush world of Solina belonged to Cardassia Prime. The colony found itself occupied by Cardassian military who soon instituted a series of takeovers and curfews that had them in complete control over the colony within weeks. Life quickly became unpleasant for the colonists under Cardassian occupation, and many people found themselves swiftly and severely punished for breaking even the smallest of their new strict rules.

Jesse’s father was one such person. His involvement in protests and strategic rulebreaks, set up in an attempt to disrupt the Cardassian regime, found him targeted by their occupiers. He, along with seven others, were accused of possessing and concealing weapons and planning violent sabotage, a lie that gave them an excuse to make an example out of them. The men were promptly put on trial, in the Cardassian style, and were executed.

Jesse was devastated by the death of his father, but he was distracted by the day to day routine and hard work required to get by. His mother was one of the few shop owners who was allowed a licence to continue trading, but only under strict Cardassian supervision and control, for which they took a substantial cut of her earnings.

However, the ruthless businesswoman refused to be controlled and cheated out of her profits so easily. She seduced guards in charge of trade to have influence with them, cutting herself better deals, fixing higher prices to generate extra profit and organising the illicit trade of luxury items meant for Cardassian officers. Still only 14, Jesse found out about his mother’s business deals by walking in on her in a compromising position with a Cardassian. He was devastated that his mother was willing to cut deals, work and even sleep with the men he hated for killing his father and occupying his home.

The relationship between mother and son only became more difficult and he tried to stay out of her way. Meanwhile, the situation on the colony became worse over the next two years. Unlicensed workers or traders were essentially turned into a workforce for the Cardassians to use as they needed and pleased, and their treatment of them became harsher, crueller and even more controlling as their view of the population warped from illegal colonists to nothing more than labourers, and in some of the more ruthless minds, slaves.

When Jesse turned 16, his mother gave him as a ‘gift’ to one of the higher ranking officers, Glinn Hakot, as a personal assistant, or servant, to use however he pleased. Jesse was horrified by the prospect but was left with no choice in the matter. He moved into the residence the Glinn was occupying and his life soon began to revolve around the Cardassian. He hated him with a passion he’d never felt for anything in life before, and even several punishments did little to improve his attitude.

In 2370, three years after the start of the Cardassian occupation, life was turned upside down once again when the military compound the occupiers worked so hard to build up was attacked by an off-world resistance group...the Maquis. Jesse had been accompanying the Glinn that day and was caught up in the fighting in the compound. One of the men of the Maquis stopped when he saw him, the only human in the compound, and gave him a single offer, to leave with them. Jesse didn’t have to think twice and left with the Maquis.

From that day forward, at the age of 17, Jesse became an all too willing member of the Maquis resistance against the Cardassians, using it as a way to exact some kind of justice or revenge on the Cardassians for the death of his father, the atrocities they’d carried out since the start of their occupation and everything he’d endured working for Glinn Hakot.

Fighting was violent and hard and he received a number of injuries over the three years that his cell was active, many of which still require periods of medical therapy. He had a complicated relationship with the leader of the cell, Sean Flint, the man who had saved him. The older man was manipulative and controlling, and the traumatised young man found it difficult to deny him anything he asked, whether he wanted to do it or not. Afterall, this was the man who had saved him from the Cardassians.

Three years on, and after a string of successes, the Maquis were unexpectedly all but crushed by the sudden alliance between the Cardassians and the Dominion. A large majority of the active cells were destroyed, and most of those that escaped destruction faced imprisonment instead. The organisation of the Maquis, who had strategically split themselves into cells for the protection of all involved, made it difficult for anyone to know exactly how many Maquis there were, or even how many cells had been active. Sean Flint and Jesse’s cell used it to their advantage and they quickly went to ground and escaped the wrath of the Dominion fleet, along with a small number of other cells.

It wasn’t long before the Dominion War began, and Maquis members were offered a pardon if they rejoined Starfleet to fight the Dominion. Afterall, whether Starfleet brass liked it or not, many of their goals had now aligned. Jesse realised he was at a crossroads. His Maquis leader, Flint, was gearing up to go it alone with the remainder of his cell, so they could support civilians during the conflict and then put the knife in the back of either the Cardassians or Starfleet after the war was over, whichever was victorious. But Jesse had started to see the helplessness of the situation. After so much violence, the anger that had blinded him was fading, and he just saw a broken, bloody mess. And Starfleet was the only real hope left of defeating the Cardassians and bringing some kind of peace back to the quadrant.

Jesse left Flint and the remainder of his Maquis cell and handed himself to Starfleet, hoping they would extend the offer of a pardon to all who were willing to join the fight, not just ex-fleet. In no position to turn away resources, he was put into an intensive marine training course and then pushed out into the field as a Private.

Jesse threw himself into the fight, with little regard for his already battered body under such brutal conditions. In truth, he didn’t expect to survive, so he always threw himself into every battle. He earned a field commission for his relentless service and somehow managed to get through each day alive.

When the war ended, Jesse was not amongst those who celebrated. He was shell shocked and had no idea what would come next. He hadn’t foreseen a future beyond the war, and now it had arrived, he didn’t know how to react. Luckily, Starfleet started a mass recovery effort, and he was taken into a Starfleet medical facility to recover.

He was there for six months, recovering both physically and mentally. He had so many badly healed injuries upon injuries that they couldn’t fix him fully. He would always struggle with recurring problems and need ongoing medical treatment. He was also diagnosed with PTSD which would require ongoing therapy and it was decided that he couldn’t continue in the marines.

In recognition of his service, Jesse was offered the chance to retrain and join Starfleet in the Tactical and Security field. Despite knowing it wouldn’t be an easy path as an ex-Maquis member, he accepted. He had nothing else to go to, and despite everything, he’d found an unexpected family in the marines. He attended the Academy for three years, having to play catch up with some of the academic modules, but excelling in the specialised security and tactical training, despite his injuries. He graduated as an Ensign and was sent to the USS Diligence.

In truth, he found it tough adjusting to regular fleet life. It was so different to the relentless and hazardous life he’d had before. He’d never have thought that it would be harder to live a more peaceful life, but it was. He worked hard, harder than he needed to, finding it difficult to ‘turn off’. It resulted in a promotion and transfer, but wasn’t exactly a therapeutic lifestyle. It was on the USS Tanaka that he finally started to unwind. He wouldn’t be described as warm and cosy, but he started to get to know people, and more importantly, let them get to know him.

His Starfleet career progressed well, and he remained forever a hard working man willing to put everything on the line when needed. He would find himself needing both medical and counselling to keep him healthy and he played along mostly just to show willing to the powers that be. By the time he was transferred to the USS Artemis, he had grown more accustomed to life on a star ship, even if he’s still a man with a lot of rough edges and is easy to bristle with it.
Service Record 2370-2373 - Maquis
2373 - Starfleet Marine Enlisted Training
2373-75 - Starfleet Marines, Private - Lance Corporal
2375 - Medical Leave
2376-79 - Starfleet Academy, Security/Tactical, Cadet
2379-81 - USS Diligence, Security/Tactical Officer, Ensign
2381-83 - USS Tanaka, Security/Tactical Officer, Lt. JG
2383-85 - USS Prudence, Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical, Lt. JG - Lieutenant
2385-Present – USS Artemis, Chief of Security/Tactical, Lieutenant