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Commander Alexis Nightingale

Name Alexis Nightingale

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (colonist)
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 189lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nightingale’s on the tallish side for a human male, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He’s pale, but tans quickly when in real sunlight, something he isn’t getting much of on starships. He tends to do a lot of swimming, rowing, and running, and as a result he is more athletic than muscle-bound. His blue eyes can be intense, and he has a tendency of holding someone’s eyes when he is talking to them.


Father Peter Nightingale, Engineer, deceased
Mother Margaret Nightingale, nurse, deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nightingale’s relatively easy-going, considering he was in Starfleet Intelligence. He has a smile for most people he meets and can appear very non-threatening when he wants to. He is intelligent with a good memory for details, something that has served him well in his career.

The rumours stemming from the Dominion Wars has shadowed his career through the years, but not enough to dampen his ambitions. It has made him less likely to trust someone, although some may call that an occupational hazard with his career as Starfleet Intelligence. He has always put his career before anything in his personal life, which he has started to question as he has gotten older. Even so, he has accepted what and where his life is now and is happy to go along with it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nightingale’s intelligence and ability to retain information has always served him well. He is also a linguist on the quiet, able to speak several languages fluently, but more importantly change his accent to be anything from Earth-born to far-reaching colonies.

Nightingale often feels isolated from others and puts on a façade of easy-going to hide how much whispers and conversations stopping when he approaches actually hurts him. Putting on a brave face is one thing, but truth is he struggles with the rumours against him, even if they’re untrue. He also has a temper, but it is slow brewing until it finally explodes.
Hobbies & Interests Nightingale picked up fencing at the Academy and fell in love with it, so he practices almost every day on the holodeck. He is fascinated by theatre but enjoys watching live performances more than holodeck re-enactments. While not truly a hobby, he also does close combat, to keep himself up to the level he had when he was active in Starfleet Intelligence.

Personal History Alexis Nightingale was born in Concordia, a small town on the Federation colony Umoth VIII. His mother was a nurse at the small hospital and his father was an engineer, specifically a civil engineer who was responsible for the building and maintenance of equipment. Concordia was a simple town, and some would argue with simple people. Agriculture was at the heart of it all, farming the land and caring for it. There were a mix of people in Concordia, and with it they developed a creole language. While most was in English, words from other languages snuck in, including Vulcan, Rigellian, Grazerite and a scattering of earth languages (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish).

There was a good school in the village and as a result the children were encouraged to study a variety of subjects. Alexis took to learning like a duck to water, enjoying picking up languages or solving problems. He was not very artistic though, something his mother lamented, but he did well at school in the subjects he enjoyed.

Alexis always wanted to travel. As much as he enjoyed running around the fields, he was more interested in seeing more than their planet. He put his mind towards studying to join Starfleet, a thing not easily undertaken. He studied especially for it, knowing that it was one of the hardest exams you could take. Luckily for Alexis, he did pass, and in 2357 he became a cadet at Starfleet Academy. His parents, knowing the Federation-Cardassian conflict and skirmishes were, at least, too close to home as it was, disapproved. But Alexis did not care, he wanted to do it.

The way Alexis solved some of the exam questions led him to study Intelligence, something he had not really considered when he put it down as an option. But he was told he may do well with it, so he stuck with it. He took up fencing at the Academy as well, enjoying it as a way to focus his mind. He graduated, not top of his year, but having scored decently in a lot of the covert courses. As an Intelligence Officer though, he faded into the background where he belonged.

He started out serving on the USS Saratoga, working with Tactical to process incoming information on the border skirmishes between Cardassian ships and Federation ships. This was the start of his career, and as more and more small conflicts and attacks happened, he was sent out as an operative in his own right, often blending in with the locals, or running his own informers, or assets. He was part of the team analysing information on the Borg, although not fast enough to help anything at Wolf 359.

In 2370, when the Marquis rose, Alexis was sent to be recruited by them. His mother had died the same year of food poisoning from a public replicator, an act seen as having been done by Cardassian spies. Alexis’ background as a colony boy was helpful, and with a discharge from Starfleet on top of it, he seemed like any wavering disgruntled former Starfleet Officer to join the Marquis. Not the first, not the last. He spent two years undercover, working side by side on a Marquis ship. The lines got blurry, but he always kept his true loyalties close to heart. In the first weeks of 2373, when his ship was planning an attack on a Federation supply convoy. Everything had heated up and it had become more violent, so Alexis sabotaged the ship and left it drifting. When the crew realised one of them were a traitor, Alexis played along, turning them on each other until finally, it was just him and the Captain left standing. They fought and Alexis won.

Alexis went back to Starfleet, recalled as an operative but the stories had started to circulate of what he had done. It wasn’t just the way he had worked with the Marquis, even if he was a spy, but more the way that he had been the last left standing. It wasn’t the Starfleet way. Alexis, however, didn’t seem to regret much on the surface at least. He was sent out again and again on missions, but never against the Marquis again. A hearing had cleared him of any wrongdoing, although recommended that he would not be put in such a position again. Even so, he ended up working undercover, but as Cardassian or Bajoran rather than Marquis, through the war to spy or sabotage as needed.

After the war ended, Alexis was a Lieutenant in his own right, having worked undercover for the last five years. He struggled at first settling into regular ship life, but eventually he settled as an Intelligence Officer. He became Chief Intel Officer in 2381, serving onboard the USS Santa Fe, before transferring in late 2384 to the USS Horizon to serve as the First Officer.

By that time, the rumours had mostly died about Alexis killing the Marquis crew, and he was received on the ship with open arms. He quickly found his footing, enjoying the life of a starship in a brand new role where he did not have to rely on subterfuge. His time on the USS Horizon ended in 2385, when the ship was attacked by pirates who had superior firepower. Despite the best effort of the crew, the ship was badly damaged and most of the crew died in the attack. With the ship crippled and more attacks coming, Captain T’Lein put the ship to auto-destruct when they got boarded. Alexis stayed with the Captain, but as they were going to the escape pods the ship was once again hit with photon torpedoes and Captain T’Lein died.

There were only 35 survivors. Alexis had to account for what happened, and while his story made sense with the logs, the old rumours resurfaced. He spent the next weeks in a hospital and then doing administrative duties as his name was put around as an XO of another ship. It seemed to take longer than usual and even Alexis knew why: he had walked away from two ships, with the Captain dead. One he had killed, the other he hadn’t, but from the outside it did not look good.

However luck was on his side, when he was offered the post as the XO on the USS Artemis, under Captain Carmelita Chambers. Alexis liked to think she looked at what he could do, rather than the rumours.
Service Record 2357-2361 Starfleet Academy, Intelligence
2361-2367 USS Saratoga, Intelligence
2367-2370 Starbase 93, Intelligence
2370-2376 Starfleet Intelligence Operative (Codename Hades)
2376-2381 USS Herodotus, Intelligence
2381-2384 USS Santa Fe, Chief Intelligence Officer
2384-2385 USS Horizon, XO
2385-PRES USS Artemis, XO