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Lieutenant JG Aymee Valentine

Name Aymee Valentine

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 123lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Aymee is a woman of average height and built for a human with striking green eyes and long dark hair that she either has in her more natural curls or straight, depending on how much effort she wants to put into it. On duty it is regardless tied back. She moves confidently which in her eyes puts more height to her than a pair of heels would. She prefers wearing trousers or leggings when off duty, claiming that she can move better in them than ‘some tight little skirt’.


Father Richard Valentine (deceased)
Mother Daniella Valentine (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Professional, smart and quick to think on her feet, Aymee is a woman who likes having an overview of any situation. She acts on instinct and protocol more than anything, but will tap into her emotions on a subject if the ‘book’ doesn’t cover something. She believes in what she does, protecting not just the people beside her but anyone that can’t stand up for themselves. She can at times come off with a bit of a smart comment when on duty but mostly tries to stay as professional as possible, especially when around higher ranking officers. She is unafraid of getting her hands dirty and will put herself between a bad situation and her crew without a second’s hesitation. Off duty, she enjoys a drink and a dance, is easy with the smiles and loves a good laugh.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Capable, inventive and a good fighter.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, can let herself get carried away emotionally.
Ambitions Aymee wants to make a difference in the universe, somehow
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts (does not follow one specific but ‘magpies’ different disciplines), antique firearms and weaponry, colonial history, music

Personal History Aymee was born on Mars on the 24th of October 2353, to Marine Captain Richard Valentine and Starfleet Lieutenant Daniella ‘Danny’ Valentine. She was their first and would be their only child, a smiling little child who would follow her parents around eagerly. The first years of her life were calm. Her parents were both stationed on Mars, Aymee’s mother as a medical officer and her father being in charge of a squadron of Marine fighters. At most, she would stamp her foot and sulk whenever her father was sent away on training exercise.

She was seven when her parents requested a transfer off Mars. Both were stationed on the USS Yorktown and Aymee started to love running around a Starship, making friends and talking to ‘the Ship Lady’, as she affectionately called the ship’s computer. But nothing lasts forever. Her mother died during an away team mission when the cave they were exploring caved in. Now a widower, Richard struggled with having his daughter running around with him. So Aymee was sent back to Mars to stay with her aunt Agate,
Aymee would send her father messages every day, even when she got no reply back for weeks. To harness the energy she seemed to have, her aunt sent her to a karate class as well as dance and gymnastic. She wasn’t brilliant at any of them, but it did drain her energy and made her calmer when she was home.

Her father died at Wolf 359 and at the age of 14 she had lost both her parents. Now an orphan, Aymee moved in permanently with her aunt. To bury her grief, she poured her anger and focus into what lessons her aunt had lined up. She got better at the martial arts, dropped the dance and kept the gymnastic. As she got older, she set her sights on Starfleet. The war was over and she believed firmly in the new start for the universe. But she had her father’s protective streak in her and wanted to go into Security. At the age of 18 she passed her entrance exams and was enrolled into Starfleet Academy.

Aymee had inherited her mother’s caring but frank ways and her father’s observational skills and appreciation of a well laid plan. Both served her well during her Academy years and while her methods were occasionally described as rough, it still made her pass. She had to witness the war, which shaped her education, but like many cadets she was unable to join in at a proper capacity. She graduated in 2375 and was sent to the USS Hidalgo to serve as a Security officer, catching the last months of the war. She quickly became part of the Security team, a regular face at meetings and someone who knew all the details of all that was going on. She also started an antique firearm club on the holodeck, where they practiced with ancient projectile weapons from various worlds. When asked why she would take the time to do it, Aymee admitted ‘it was that or getting a Knit Club together. And I got enough warm socks’.

In 2380, Aymee was transferred to the USS Oslo. On the Oslo she showed not just a flair for organising, but for keeping situations calm and recognising personality traits in people. It was instinct to her, a gut feeling who to trust and not to trust. This proved especially useful during an away team mission on a Federation-allied colony that had requested help. Unhappy with the current colony, the colonists organised a rebellion. With the local police out of action and several of her away team captured by the rebels, Aymee organised a hostage exchange. Going in their place as the highest ranking on the team, she had mentally said her goodbyes.

As she was kept in the old libraries with nothing to occupy herself with except reading, Aymee went through the books. And the old written accounts of the founding of the colony. And more importantly, the original transcripts of their laws, governance and charter. She also found out the true reason for the rebellion after talking to her guards and saw for herself the after-effects of generations of mistreatment of the minors. With this information to bargained her way to stand before the government and recited the charter which all their laws were supposedly built on. Based on her research, which could only be attributed to boredom and a genuine love for reading, she turned the council and the leader was disposed of. A re-election saw new laws and Aymee returned to her ship with minor cuts, bruises and ‘a serious need for some reading glasses and a stiff drink’

In 2385 she was transferred to the USS Artemis, already shaken as a native Martian after the attacks on the Utopia Planitia Shipyards.
Service Record 2371-2375 Starfleet Academy, Security
2375-2380 USS Hidalgo, Security Officer
2380-2385 USS Norway, Security
2385-PRES USS Artemis, Security