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Corporal Cecil Silas

Name Cecil Silas

Position Marine

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and slim, Cecil can often appear clumsy and a bit like a reed. He has a face that always seems he is either mulling something over, or just confused about life itself.


Father Montgomery Silas, civilian engineer
Mother Sylvia Silas, Public Affairs Liaison, UFP

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cecil is soft-spoken and often appears to be contemplating the mysteries of the universe rather than pay attention around him. He comes from a good education, which makes his appearance as a regular enlisted Marine a surprise to a lot of people. He has a kind heart and wants to help those around him, but often ends up being the butt of jokes as he struggled to embed himself with his unit.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cecil is a marksman specialist, known for his detachment when he is eyeing up a target. He is also a fast runner.

Cecil is however still very green, and still learning when he should keep his mouth shut. He is considered emotional unless he has been ordered to take out a target. He also tries too hard to be friends with people.

Personal History Cecil was born in London, England, on Earth. His mother was a Public Affairs Officer for the United Federations of Planets, and his father was a civilian engineer. Francis went to boarding school, where he was a ‘boarder’, someone who lived at the school except in holidays. He was a sensitive and smart boy, getting good grades.

As usual with someone like that, there was nothing really remarkable about Cecil. He cruised along, going year by year simply by being unremarkable. His mother was pressing him to attend a university, she even got him a summer job working as an aide to diplomats when he was 17.

Cecil was bored out of his skull, finding himself forced into something he didn’t care about. But it did give him a chance to see different people and cultures, and he realised he wanted to be out there, doing his bit.

Without his parents’ knowledge, he enlisted in the Marines. His mother was furious to see his good education thrown away on some ‘rough mistake’, but Cecil poured himself into it. It was a difficult transition and while he found a talent for being a sniper, he found it difficult to bond with his fellow Marine recruits. He had always found being kind and helpful being the way to go in the past, but alongside people who had always wanted to be Marines, he found himself the butt of the jokes.

He became a specialist, taking the Sniper course in addition, but still found it difficult to make friends. He decided that he might as well be the butt of the jokes, and take it with good humour, so he would often try and come off as ‘book smart’ as possible.

In 2385, he was transferred to the USS Artemis, as part of the Marine Detachment.