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Commander Saraya Brontë

Name Saraya Brontë MD

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human | Betazoid
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Black
Physical Description A pungently fruity and earthy scent of blackcurrant perfume and frankincense oil serve as a prelude to Doctor Saraya Bronte’s arrival. You will often smell her unique and strong scent before you have any visual contact with her – a woman with pale white skin, bold red or dark plum tinted lips (depending on the mood she’s in and chose of attire), and a wasp’s nest of reddish-brown hair worn in a disheveled updo though sometimes in a lose ponytail.

Doctor Saraya Bronte is not often seen on duty without her signature periwinkle colored laboratory jacket, similar to that worn by Chief Medical Officers Doctor Beverly Crusher and Doctor T’Ana though Saray’s is tinted a tad more purple for personal preference. She likes to standout. Three solid pips adorn her uniform color denoting her long service history and accomplishments as an officer in Starfleet, a Commander in rank with enough seat time experience and command training to dutifully carry out the responsibilities of the USS Artemis’ Second Officer.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Prepared and ever ready, Doctor Saraya almost always has a hypospray within arm’s reach, often tucked away for safe keeping – just in case. As she puts it ‘There’s no replacing a well concealed sedative’ and she has made excellent use of them in the past though she is stranger to picking up whipping out a phaser if the mission or situation calls for more confrontational measures. Similarly, the woman is constantly carrying a either a PaDD or tricorder around, and a mug of still steaming elderberry tea is often not too far away.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Empathic – Saraya’s empathic abilities and general understanding of people allows her to get a fairly good read on most people, but she does not use these abilities to connect with others nor help them sort through their problems. Instead, she will use it to gain their trust and learn more about them, exploiting their weaknesses if or when the need should arise – ’keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’ is something she sort of lives by.

Resilient – There’s not much that will keep Saraya down psychologically nor physically. When she’s ‘knocked off the horse,’ she gets up, brushes herself off, and gets back on. She does not respond well to treats, and bullying tactics are not likely to work on her long term. She has gone toe to toe with Commanding Officers and First Officers in the past when she disagreed with them, and on medical matters, she will not back down from the fight.

Excellent Organizer – Though her people skills may be shite, her organizational and leadership skills are top notch. Any Sickbay that she walks into and has taken over becomes clean, orderly, and runs like a well-oiled machine. She is not afraid to rotate shifts, and even pull personnel from her department and place them on ‘the chopping block’ for reassignment if she does not feel that they are cut out to serve under her. She understands that mistakes happen, but mistakes result in consequences. If you serve under Doctor Bronte, then you are serving under someone who strives for perfection and settles for nothing.


Not a people person – Her bedside manner leaves something to be desired. She isn’t terrible at it, but smiles are usually forced. She does not sugar coat a diagnosis or prognosis, and this can leave people wanting to see someone else. However, she knows what she is doing and is relentless in finding a treatment or potential cure. Though she may be grouchy at times, it does not mean that she lacks any compassion. She does care, but her job is not to hold hands.

Unyielding – She’s a damn ram after all. Do not expect her to back down from a fight, because if you start something with her, she’s going to keep ramming and bucking, until someone wins, or everyone becomes completely exhausted.

Short fuse – It does not take much to set Doctor Saraya Bronte off, and once the fuse is lit, it shortly unravels and becomes explosive. Her heated temper is often something displayed behind closed doors. She’s professional enough for that, but once the doors are closed, the gloves come off.
Ambitions Doctor Saraya Bronte is roughly as comfortable on the bridge of a starship as she is in the domain of a starship’s Sickbay, but her ambitions have her behind a desk. She would like to eventually serve aboard a much larger starship as Chief Medical Officer, but with a large enough medical staff that she can focus on research and be more administrative than hands on. If she steps away from the Sickbay life, then she would be interested in pursuing the command track and seeing how far that would take her.
Hobbies & Interests Saraya Bronte is a woman of eclecticism, she has picked up hobbies and interests throughout the years, some have stuck with her longer than others. Taxidermy is one that she has kept up with and her crew quarters are often decorated with ‘stuffed animals’ that are not of the teddy bear variety. She also is a bit of a novice Entomologist with a collection of some exotic bugs (pinned and mounted). One of her more ‘less creepy’ hobbies is that she enjoys baking or at least attempting to bake, the less replicated ingredients the better.

All-in-all though Saraya is more of a homebody, and she enjoys brewing tea (or just getting in from the replicator if she haven’t the time) and sipping it as she reads. She tries her best to keep up on medical journals and potential breakthroughs.

Personal History Before Starfleet
Coventry, England born and raised, as soon as Saraya opens her mouth and starts barking orders or ensuring things are done proper, you can hear her Westmidlands roots coming through crisp and clearly. She is not exactly what someone would call a people person in fact she much prefers her patients to be heavily sedated but pressing a hypospray against a child just to have some peace and quiet is generally frowned upon. At least on Federation starships. Even from an early age, she was science driven – destined to be a scientist herself though when a child starts to collect the skeleton of deceased animals, people tend to talk and form very strong opinions after making assumptions. Needless to say, counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatrists were familiar faces in her younger years until she was determined to just be a highly inquisitive child with a flare for the macabre.

Her Sickbay storage lockers and cupboards look like an apothecary rather than a physician’s workplace. Saraya’s quarters are often organized yet cluttered because of the number of personal belongings she has – old printed textbooks, taxidermized animals, parts and pieces of creatures preserved in jars, and various cultural knick-nacks from a plethora of worlds.

Saraya was a strong student in grade school onward, excelling in sciences as expected though she earned praise from her History teacher, and made high marks in English. She adored literature and is thoroughly well read. Some felt she would have made an excellent librarian or historian, but Saraya had a vision for herself that was neither. Attending La Calavera College in Liverpool, she studied mortuary science. After completion of her education, she worked for funeral homes on Earth as a mortician for a few years.

Looking to expand her knowledge overall, and get a bit of a leg up, Saraya left Liverpool for Kent. She attended the University of Kent majoring in Chemistry. Upon earning her Bachelor of Science, she sought employment as a Medical Examiner’s assistant. Now, she was doing more than seeing that a body was prepared for services, but potentially helping solve cases and bring families some answer and closure. However, it was not the surviving family that Saraya was really focused on helping, but rather trying to ensure the bodies that were on the ME’s table did not go without having their story told.

Starfleet Officer
Saraya joined Starfleet to make a difference, not to explore the stars or seek out new worlds and new civilizations. If anything, she would have preferred to forever be assigned to outposts, space stations, or starships close to the homefront. She made it through training and was accepted into Starfleet’s OTS for educated civilians holding degrees wanting to enter the service. She earned her first commissioned rank as an ensign.

Ensign Saraya Bronte was assigned to the USS Fillmore as a junior science officer, Biology section. She had an occasional rotation that involved bridge duty during night watch at the science station, but primarily spent her time in the science labs. Her education and experience would from time to time come in handy, and she’d find herself on loan working aside the medical department, assisting them. She served five years aboard the Flilmore, encouraged by one of the medical officers that she would be beneficial to the medical department some day if she made the transition.

That transition would occur in due time, but it was something she took to heart. Applying to Starfleet Medical to continue her education as then Lieutenant JG Saraya Bronte, she was accepted and continued her studies to become a physician. Med School was incredibly challenging, but ever so rewarding. After finishing her education at Starfleet Medical, she did four years of medical residency aboard the USS Chiron, a Federation hospital ship. Doctor Bronte’s specialization in medical school was Pathology with a concentration on chemical pathology. She finished her residency aboard the Chiron but was able to remain with the starship for another few years as a medical officer, and later Assistant Chief Medical Officer.